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Driver Safety

ELEVEN Professional marshals from Motorsport Marshaling Services will be on duty.
An ambulance and two paramedics will be on-site for the day.
A flatbed will be on-site.

BARC - Track Rescue Service will be on-site.

Bring: Lots of bottled water. Morning Coffee/Muffin, and Lunch will be provided.
Absolutely no alcohol.
Required: Helmets meeting or exceeding SA95, M95, K and DOT standards will be allowed. Passengers must have a helmet.
Recommended: SA2005 or newer. 
Required: closed toe shoes. 
Required: Factory installed 3 point belt system.

Notice: Aftermarket restraints and harness will provide better comfort and better control of your car (leather seat people) However, improperly installed harness may cause more injury than safety. Some restraint systems are not intended for HIGH speed auto events. Properly installed harnesses should be accompanied with a neck collar or other head and neck restraint. After-market restraint systems will only be allowed when a roll bar is also in place. Each driver should know the risk of using them and this is your judgement call. Airbags may cause injury when deployed with full face helmets. Again, we are leaving this to your own judgment as it’s up to you if you want to disable your system or not.

Required: All drivers must sign a waiver at the track. All guests must sign a waiver. Drivers must have a valid licence and be 18 and older. If you and a buddy plan to share driving the car, that’s fine. Your car will be in one group and the two of you can split the driving time. There will be an additional fee to have two drivers. One car in two groups is not recommended unless your car is prepared for that amount of use – it would also cost double.

Required: All drivers must respect and follow the track marshal's instruction (including flags). 
Treat the Pit Out Crew with respect - they are all volunteers.

Car Safety
Remove all loose objects, trash, floor mats, maps, pens & pencils. Camera systems must be properly secured (duct tape is not secure!). No cameras on the outside of the car (unless a permanent mounting mechanism in place). Absolutely NO DRONES may be used on the premises.
Battery hold down must be in place and functional.
Throttle cable must have free range of movement.
Convertibles - must have a roll bar that extends 2" above the driver and passenger's helmet.
Wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends must be in good working condition.
No Nitrous.

Exhaust – race prepped exhausts are fine. Street cars should have a street legal exhaust. Mosport reserves the right to ask cars with "obnoxious” sounding exhausts to leave the track area. 
Your car may be required pass a trackside mechancial inspection.
Windows must be either up or down, not inbetween. Convertible tops, Sun roofs and t-tops must be closed. 
Car Preparation
Brakes, brakes, brakes. This is the only must do performance wise. New (preferably track) pads, high temp fluid, and a recent (within a month) fluid change. Buy some extra pads to bring with you. Your day will be a happy one if you have great brakes. Contact me to get Carbotech race, autocross or street pads. 
Tires must be in great shape. Tire Pressure – there is no air service available at the track.

Debris on Track

Do not get stop your car and get out to pick items up or clean up the track. Pit and inform an organizer. If you help spread gravel or fluids on the track, then be prepared to help remove it from the track. All cars will be slowed or brought in and the track will be cleaned up. This will not change the group times for the day.

You know what to bring - car jack, basic tools, etc. Have window cleaner. Hand cleaner too. Paper towels. And a lawn chair to sit in. Sun Screen!


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