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MotoIQ is a great online magazine for auto enthusiasts. Led by Mike Kojima, there are a range of articles which should appeal to a wide range of interests. I first met Mike online in about 1999 or 2000. I've appreciated his insight and suggestions ever since. In 2009 I submitted my first article and I've been writing ever since. My first magazine article was in the early 2000's. It was about technology in the classroom and was printed in The Teaching Librarian. These articles might be a bit more enjoyable!

You can click on this link to take you to the majority of my MotoIQ articles. The first five were submitted under MIQ staff so do not show up on my listings but they are right below for your viewing pleasure.


 2009 A Family Affair: Racing a Nissan NX1600  2010 Getting Your Life On Track 2011 More Than The Sum Of It's Parts 
 2012 We Can Rebuild It  2012 The Garage Blog: Catch the Fever: Go Racing in Ontario  2012 Was the SR Swap a Mistake?
 2013 ChumpCar World Series at CTMP  2014 OTA: High Performance Driving School  2014 Lapping Day Organizer
  2014 A Lapping Day Pictorial   2014 ChumpCar: Watkin's Glen International   2014 ChumpCar: WGI Pt 2
  2014 NX GTi-R: Search for Traction   2014 ChumpCar: Calabogie   2014 Attacking Time: Type R
 2014 Z-Fest: Datsun Eye Candy  2014 CRX 2000  2014 Celebration of Motorsport
 2014 Datsun 510  2014 Record Breaking RSX  2015 STi Doing It Right
 2015 NX GTi-R: Search for Traction II 2015 Dasilva Motorsports: They Do It All 2015 Did You Say Targa Truck!
2015 NX GTi-R: Vacuum Routing 2015 64 Corvette: 2015 Edition 2015 ChumpCar Canada
2015 GTA Road Atlanta: #teamcanada 2015 Victoria Day Speedfest 2015 NX GTi-R: Search for Traction Finale
2015 ChumpCar at the Glen 2015 PZ Tuning's Time Attack Civic 2015 Radical Canada SR3
2015 Mission Raceway: For Those 12 Seconds or Less 2015 Upgraded NX: Breaking 10! 2015 Tow Vehicle
2015 Pfaff Motorsports 2015 OTA Shoot Out 2015 Air Lift Suspension
2015 Attacking Time: Consistently 2016 Chris Boersma: 3.5 Seconds 2016 Celica GTS Time Attack
2016 350Z Track Monster 2016 NX GTi-R: Version 3 2016 OnPoint Dyno's 350Z
2016 Machine Motorsports 2016 Area 27 2016 Boersma Racing
2017 Terrorizing Time 2017 A Ride With VCMC

2017 Supercharged Scion FRS

2017 Nissan NX GTi-R V.3 cont. 2017 Knox Mountain Hill Climb: Turn by Turn 2017 Cars of Knox Mountian Hillclimb
2017 NX GTi-R: Hill Climb Edition 2017 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Autoslalom Champinoship 2017 AES Auto: A Civic for Street and Strip
2017 Fabricated Exhaust on a Grand Caravan 2017 Chris Boersma: K-Tuned Civic 2017 K-Tuned Type R: Battling Time
2017 The Speed Ring