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The end of an era - after a decade of hosting track days at Mosport/CTMP, it is time to wrap up that part of my life. The move that Pam and I made to BC played a big factor in this decision. I have met so many great people and I am pleased to call you my friends.

Hopefully we will cross paths again soon - most likely at a race track! 


Friday, May 6, 2016

It's time to start thinking about Spring!


It's a GREEN FLAG for my track day on Friday, May 6, 2016.

You may have heard that I'm moving to BC and that is correct, but my track day is happening and I will be flying back to participate. You're going to see the Nissan NX GTi-R back at the track once again. My wife and I are moving to Abbotsford, BC to be able to support my grandson, Emmett, my daughter, Alisha, and her husband, Josh. Emmett has a terrifying genetic disease. Thank God and science, he's making progress and the initial short lifespan that specialists predicted is being pushed aside. But this is a time for family. You can find out more about my amazing grandson at Emmett's Journey

A huge thank you to all of the drivers who came out and participated in this event. In 2014 I moved to early May from the end of May, and it has been a great choice. 2015 was sold out and I look forward to that again for 2016. Capped participant numbers (2 groups, maximum 20 cars in a group) mean a high entry fee, and that you will get enough track time to put a smile on your face! Please consider joining me on Friday, May 6, 2016 at the CTMP Grand Prix track!

Welcome to my web site. I invite you to look over the information enclosed here. This is a track day for experienced track drivers at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, which is also known as the Grand Prix or Big Track and historically Mosport. Please contact me if you believe that you would be a good addition to our day.

For this event the drivers are classed as follows:
1. Experienced - very comfortable at CTMP, performance driving school, lapping day experience, etc.
2. Advanced - participate regularly in racing environment (minimum two seasons Time Attack, wheel to wheel racing that included MIR)

Novice Drivers - that is anyone who has no experience at the GP track - will not be accepted.

All payment is in Canadian funds. This track is 2.459 miles long and it's reputation is even longer. The satellite views cannot do justice to the elevation changes. Visit the official Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Web site.

Lunch, on-track digital photo of your car, door prizes, opportunity (limited) to get a ride-along in a Radical RS3 from Radical Canada, and lots of track time will be included in your day.

 Application & Fees



 If you're a FaceBook user, you can find me there at Frank Ewald Motorsports.


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Take your passion for driving to the track! Keep it off of the street.

To get involved formally, please check out CASCTime AttackAutoslalomCSCS, and ATTS events.

This lapping day is not affiliated with OTA, CASC, CSCS, or ATTS.